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    Real Estate is major part of many people’s Financial Plans.  Fiduciary Financial Planner David Rae outlines how to make the most of your real estate investments. Topics range from How much how can you afford? To is a bigger down payment better, or would you end up ahead by investing the difference?

    This blog is written for the residents of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and surrounding areas where Real Estate is super expensive.  Finding a great home, and coming up with a down payment and qualifying for a mortgage are bigger challenges in the expensive part of the country.

    Living in LA it is too easy to buy a money pit or end up feeling house poor. Nobody wants to spend 30 years struggling to make their mortgage payments. With some smarter financial decisions a home purchase can be a big part of achieving financial freedom.


    Live for Today, Plan for Tomorrow.

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    Boot Camp for Smart Home Buyers- Get Yourself Ready NOW!

    Smart home buying  takes work.  With interest rates near records lows, and housing prices on the rise, interest in the real estate market seems to be heating up again.  Los Angeles Financial Planner David Rae walks you through the steps …

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