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    Social Security – Financial Planner Los Angeles

    For many Americans, their Social Security Benefit is their biggest asset and one that will comprise a large portion of the retirement income. Unfortunately, most people spend more effort figuring out their next vacation than figuring out when to take their Social Security benefits.

    In this section we will share tips to help make sure you are maximizing your Social Security benefits, and make the smart choice of when to start taking the Social Security income that you’ve worked hard to accumulate over you life time.

    Financial Planner Los Angeles is dedicated to helping your make smarter financial decision over time.


    Social Security for LGBT Couples, What you need to know Now!

    LGBT Social Security Advice LGBT married couples now have a few more options on how to take their Social Security benefits.  Gay Financial Planner David Rae walks you through what you must know Now about Social Security for LGBT Couples. The …

    10 Great Reasons to Ignore Retirement Planning

    Great Retirement Planning may not be fun, but if you really want to achieve financial independence you can’t ignore it. I would like to share  10 great reasons for you to ignore  great retirement planning. Great Retirement Planning Tips – …

    Obamacare 3.8% Surtax and how to avoid it.

    3.8% Obamacare Surtax and how to avoid it. A surprise Birthday Party may be fun, and surprise tax bill is not.  Many people in Los Angeles are getting hit with a with the Obamacare surtax, with a little tax planning …

    Social Security Changes to Benefits and Taxes for 2017

    Social Security Changes to Benefits and Taxes for 2017, what you need to know now. Whether you are already collecting Social Security benefits, still paying into the Social Security System, or eyeing retirement there are some Social Security Changes you …

    Getting the Most from Your Social Security Benefits

    Your Top 4 Social Security Questions Answered, to make sure you are getting the most from your Social Security Benefits. We all want to make sure we are making the most of our Social Security Benefits. For many Americans, their …

    Golden Girls Financial Issues Spotlight on Women

    Golden Girls Financial Issues Spotlight on Women Golden Girls Retirement Plan, Part 4 Retirement Is a Women’s Issue Pop Quiz: What’s better for your bottom line, a dead spouse or an ex-spouse?   – – – Wine Tasting with Golden …

    Trump versus Clinton For the Average American Who Is Your Money On?

    Voting with Your Wallet Is Your Money on Clinton or Trump? Which candidate is better for your budget’s bottom line? A lot about this election is about money….who’s got it, who needs it, how to raise it and how each …

    KTLA Money Smart Financial Planner David Rae Social Security Myths

    Fiduciary Financial Planner David Rae cover Social Security Myths the Los Angeles Money Smart KTLA News. You might also like: Social Security for LGBT Couples, What you need to know Now! DAVID RAE, CFP®, AIF® is a Los Angeles-based retirement planner …

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