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    Retirement Planning Articles

    Retirement Planning Los Angeles

    You have found the Retirement Planning Section of the Financial Planner Los Angeles blog.  Whether you are looking for expert advice from a Financial Planner Near Me in LA, or are reading from across the globe were provide you a variety of articles covering Retirement Planning topics.

    Whether you are just getting started or about to retire you will find useful information on this site. We cover how to maximize your 401(K), how to minimize your taxes. Small Business owners can learn how to slash their tax bills and play catch up for retirement.  I write about how anyone can retire a millionaire.  Learn how to reduce your retirement planning stress by making smarter financial decisions over time.  And when the time comes we will even help you with Social Security Maximization.

    Our post are written with an LGBT Flair but the advice is applicable for anyone who wants to achieve their retire planning goals faster and easier.

    Live For Today, Plan for Tomorrow.


    The 4 Biggest Los Angeles Retirement Challenges

    Are you up for the challenge of saving for a Los Angeles Retirement? Financial Planner LA outlines what you need to know and do.

    How to Find Your Financial Independence Level

    What is you level of financial independence. What you need to know to have financial freedom and retire early.

    Is the Cash Balance Plan Your Key to Catching Up for Retirement?

    Looking for more tax deductions to help your business pay fewer taxes? A Cash Balance Pension Plan may be the keep to keeping more of your hard earned money.

    ABC 7 News- Last Minute Tax Day Tips from Financial Planner LA

    Check out these two tax day video segment from ABC 7 News. With Fiduciary Financial Advisor David Rae reporter Anabel Munoz.

    Last Minute Tax Tips from Good Day LA Fox 11 with David Rae CFP

    Tax Day is April 15,2019. Tax Expert David Rae is on Good Day LA with some last minute tax tips. Video from Fox 11 with Araksya Karapetyan and Tony McEwing.

    How to Open A Sep IRA with Self Employment Income

    If you are self employed it is always Tax season.  If you don’t already have another better retirement account a SEP IRA might be a great way to slash your tax bill. That is assuming you own a small business …

    Small Business Owners 7 Ways to Lower Tax Filing Stress

    Every penny counts when you are running a small business. Minimizing taxes may be the difference between a profitable business and one that is just scraping by. You all are probably thinking, “I don’t have extra time do deal with …

    New Modern Retirement Grace and Frankie-Style

    Could you handle a Retirement like Grace and Frankie? Even with gay ex-husbands and straight ex-wives to deal with, growing older can still be filled with adventure and possibility . . . as long as you’ve got the wherewithal to …

    How the LGBT Community Can Retire Early

    LGBT Guide to Early Retirement, You can do it!  I was recently reading an article in Time Magazine which followed a few retirees who appears to be enjoying retirement in the Trailer Parks of Florida. The article asserted you could …

    Slash Your Tax Bill with these 6 Year End Money Moves

    The holidays are fast approaching, which means it is time to start doing some year-end tax planning. The Tax Cut and Jobs Act will mean lower tax bills for many Americans. That does not mean you can ignore tax planning. …

    Is the next Recession Coming? Better Question is When.

    When is the next recession coming? Will Donald Trump get us there faster? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but every second of every day we edge closer to the next recession coming. No, I’m not a …

    The First Million is the Hardest How to Build A Million Dollar Net Worth

    The First Million is the Hardest How to Build a Seven-Figure Net Worth. . . . and other encouraging retirement realities Some of us are old enough to remember when having a million bucks really made you feel like a …

    Stock Market Forecasts : 5 Reasons to Ignore Them + Video

    Should you listen to Stock Market Forecasts? Would you go to a fortune teller for investing advice? Keep reading for five reasons you should be ignoring Stock Market Forecasts.  They won’t help you reach your financial goals, or make smarter …

    How to Transfer California Property Tax Base from Old Home to New

    One of the biggest advantages of owning a home in California is Proposition 13.  This limits how much your property taxes can go up each year. Many long-time homeowners are paying property taxes based on an assessed value that is …

    The More ROTH IRA the Better: Financial Advice to Break Part 2

    Good Financial Advice Made to be Broken – Lowering Your Taxes Part 2. Sometimes following financial advice, while technically correct, could turn out to be a costly mistake.  It is important to note that the correct choice and the best …

    What is the Maximum I Can Receive From Social Security?

    Are Social Security Taxable? What is the maximum amount you can receive from Social Security Retirement? These and you other questions answered by Financial Planner LA.

    The Million Dollar 401(K) Mistake Too Many People Make

    The Biggest Mistake You Are Making with your 401(k)k could cost you over a million dollars.  For some of you it could lower you 401(k) balances by several million dollars. We are facing a retirement planning crisis in America.  Boomers, …

    Will the LGBT Community Ever Be Able to Retire Well?

    Will retirement be better or Worse for the LGBT Community? While the LGBT community is benefiting from increasing financial prosperity and legal recognition, many economic challenges hit us harder than they do for straight citizens. Like everyone else, we are currently …

    Missing an Old Retirement Account? How to Find Lost 401k Money Now

    At least once every few months a long-term client brings in a retirement account statement and says, “I forgot I had this retirement account. Can you help me with it?” Sometimes these accounts are tiny but other times they hold …

    Social Security and Medicare Changes for 2018 What you Need to Know

    Each and every year we see some small changes to Social Security and Medicare. This year is no different. How much you will receive from Social Security during retirement, to the caps on payroll taxes to fund future benefits are …

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