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    Life Insurance Articles

    Want to learn more about Life Insurance?  Have questions about your current policies? Or just want a second opinion on Life Insurance a salesman has proposed? We share tips to figure out things like

    -How to cash in on Life Insurance for Retirement

    -Do I have the right amount of Life Insurance?

    -How to use Life Insurance like a RICH PEOPLE ROTH.

    -Long Term Care Insurance how to find the best coverage and get the best deal on it.

    -What type of Life Insurance should I buy?

    Life Insurance Los Angeles and Across the Country

    Financial Planner Los Angeles David Rae explains it all in the following blog posts and video.  If you have a Life Insurance need or question don’t hesitate to ask.  He has help people in Los Angeles get the best life insurance for their personal situation and family.  He has been helping people save money on Life Insurance and get the best coverage for well over a decade.

    Live for today, plan for tomorrow. Who knows what the future will bring.

    Flipping Out Baby : Jeff Lewis’s Gaybie is Coming

    Flipping Out Baby: We’re Havin’ a Gaybie Flipping Out Jeff Lewis is having Baby What happens when finances take a front seat for partners Jeff Lewis and Gage Edwards en route to parenthood on Bravo TV’s reality series Flipping Out? …

    How much Life Insurance do I need? A DIME’s Worth

    How much Life Insurance do I need?  A DIME’s Worth of Life Insurance Questions Answered by Financial Planner Los Angeles.Take a look at this handy formula for calculating how much life insurance you need to protect your family.   In …

    3 Ways to Cash in on Life Insurance for Retirement

    Working Funds: 3 Ways to Cash in on Life Insurance for Retirement The good news is that you don’t have to die to use your life Insurance. Life Insurance for Retirement isn’t right for everyone, but can be a big …

    Golden Girls Financial Issues Spotlight on Women

    Golden Girls Financial Issues Spotlight on Women Golden Girls Retirement Plan, Part 4 Retirement Is a Women’s Issue Pop Quiz: What’s better for your bottom line, a dead spouse or an ex-spouse?   – – – Wine Tasting with Golden …

    Sandwich Generation are you Prepared to Care for your Parents?

    Does caring for aging parents have to dampen your financial future and leave you broke? Here’s how good kind sons and daughters can be proactive in helping your loved ones but without killing your own financial prospects. Are you prepared …

    RMD Tips : Maximize your Retirement Savings

    RMD Tips to help maximize your Retirement Savings. Putting Your Required Minimum Distributions  to Good Use and Making the Most of Your RMD’s. Seventy may be the new 40, but try telling that to the IRS.  As older Baby Boomers are entering …

    Rich People ROTH – For those with too much Income.

    Do you make too much for a ROTH IRA? The Rich People ROTH may be the answer. For love or money . . . and a maybe even a tax break, Cash Value life insurance may be the key to …

    How to Buy Long Term Care Coverage (INSURANCE)

    6 Ways Paying for Long Term Care Coverage, and how to get the right Long Term Care Insurance for you and your family. The topic of Long Term Care coverage is complicated and a not particularly fun one to think …

    Life Insurance for the HIV Positive

    HIV Positive Life Insurance, does it exist? Yes, you can get a life insurance policy if you’re HIV+. And yes for some, you should get a life insurance policy if you’re HIV+. Not so long ago, if someone living with …

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